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Upon completion of all workshops and/or presentations, attendees will be provided a certificate for 1.5 CEU hours.

**Time can be adjusted based on organizational needs**

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Organizational Culture vs. Ethical Decision-Making (60 - 90 min)  

In this signature workshop, Rashan Legard shares his chilling experience of surviving sexual, physical, emotional abuse and trauma from his time in military service. Rashan raised his right hand to protect and serve our nation, only to feel emasculated by toxic and unsupportive leaders. Rashan's story puts listeners on edge in the driver's seat as he paints a verbal picture filled with love, despair, victory, and self-blame. As the story unfolds, attendees will be left with the question, "Did his experience come from a place that lacks ethical decision-making or cultural norms"?

The Power of Resiliency: (60 - 90 minutes) 

Rashan Legard shares fragments of his emotional childhood to adulthood experiences that shaped him into who he is today. The challenges of being unable to read and write led to behavior issues, which held him several grades behind his peers. Rashan will also unpack unforgettable and hurtful words that impacted him severely as he graduated at the bottom of his high school class. Rashan coupled everything that was said to him with his unique skill sets as fuel for motivation. An approach that helped him set empowering goals as he navigated life's obstacles. This presentation will empower and encourage attendees to understand that yesterday - is not their today. 

Influencing Culture: Understanding the Benefits of Transformational Leadership (60 - 90 min)

Rashan shares the different cultures and leadership styles that he was a part of in the military and civilian workforce. He critically analyzes how senior and junior leadership can influence the Culture in any organization, from the top down. Rashan discusses and interprets the differences between a Transactional vs Transformational Leadership style. In this workshop, leaders at all levels will develop additional tools to help them correctly evaluate and effectively critique subordinates based on their personalities.

Finding Power Through Poetry
(60-90 mins)

Rashan opens up about what led him into the world of poetry and how he transformed his trauma into words of art. In this discussion, he shares why he believes poetry is a powerful healing tool for those who use it for self-expression and those exposed to it through listening. He also unpacks the intricacies of poetry and what he feels makes it an essential option in the world of mental health services. In addition, attendees will leave this workshop with the knowledge, self-confidence, and power to use poetry as an artistic medium for capturing life's events.

Embracing Vulnerability: A Key Component of Leadership (60-90 mins)

Rashan highlights the value in identifying our weaknesses and how that recognition can be leveraged to strengthen our leadership toolkits. During this training session, he'll unpack vulnerability attributes and how they can be effectively addressed with self-love. Rashan will also outline some of the benefits of co-existing with our vulnerabilities. Attendees will walk away understanding there is love behind every weakness and being vulnerable is an essential component of growth

The Individualized Keys to Success

(60-90 mins)

In this workshop, Rashan utilizes his personal and professional life experiences to assist others in finding success. He'll invite the audience to self-reflect, identify and eventually discover Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How they can individually empower, motivate and drive themselves to be successful in today's world. Attendees will leave this workshop having access to tools that will help them discover themselves through self-awareness, confidence and self-discovery. This discovery will unveil their individualized and unique keys to success.


Officer shares harrowing experience of assault to drive culture change

At a time when the Army is reckoning with the findings of the Fort Hood report, one officer is sharing his own story of how leadership, both good and bad, can make all the difference for Soldiers.

“I wanted to take my life.”

Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month: Message From the Director of the Office for Victims of Crime

April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month and one of the themes this year is “Building Safe Online Spaces Together.” 

Prevention starts with you

This year, the Army’s theme, “Prevention Starts with You,” focuses on the idea of upholding what it means to be a member of an Army team. With the help of the Army Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Program, Soldiers and leaders across the installation can work together to prevent and bring awareness to sexual assault, harassment and associated retaliation.

Army officer from Lorain raises awareness of sexual assault

Army 1st Lt. Rashan Legard is trying to change the narrative of sexual assaults in the U.S Army through spoken words.

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