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From Service to Survival: Overcoming Adversity and Influencing Organizational Culture as Future Leaders

Program Theme: ​Resiliency, Cultural Change, Ethical Decision-Making, & Leadership Development

In this compelling and thought-provoking workshop, Rashan Legard shares his personal journey of survival, resilience, and healing in the face of adversity during his time in military service. Rashan's experience sheds light on the critical issues of organizational culture, toxic behaviors, and the imperative need for prevention within our ranks.

As attendees engage with Rashan's powerful narrative, they will embark on a profound journey into the depths of his emotional turmoil. Through his story, they will gain valuable insight into the profound impact of love, despair, victories, and self-reflection. Rashan's vivid storytelling serves as a catalyst for attendees to reflect upon the broader ethical decision-making processes and cultural norms that can either contribute to or prevent such experiences.

This workshop is an invaluable resource for both current and future leaders. It equips them with essential lessons on fostering a culture of respect, empathy, and accountability within their organizations. Rashan's story inspires individuals to take proactive measures to prevent abuse, promote healing, and create a safer, more inclusive environment for all members of the community.

Learning Outcomes & Objectives:

  • Understanding Personal Resilience: Participants will gain insights into the concept of personal resilience by exploring Rashan Legard's journey, enabling them to apply these insights to their own lives and challenges.

  • Ethical Decision-Making: Through Rashan's narrative, participants will reflect on ethical decision-making processes and how these decisions impact individuals and organizations.

  • Cultural Norms and Impact: Attendees will examine the role of cultural norms in shaping behavior and will explore ways to foster positive cultural change within their organizations.

  • Leadership Development: Future and current leaders will gain valuable insights into the qualities and behaviors required to foster a culture of respect, empathy, and accountability within their organizations.

  • Toxic Behavior Identification: Participants will be better equipped to recognize and address toxic behaviors in their workplaces, contributing to healthier organizational cultures.

  • Prevention and Intervention Skills: Participants will be empowered with practical strategies for preventing abuse, promoting healing, and intervening when necessary, contributing to safer work environments.


Trigger Warning: This workshop may evoke strong emotions and trigger traumatic memories for some participants. It is important to create a safe and supportive environment, including providing appropriate resources and access to mental health support if needed.

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