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Unveiling Resilience: Overcoming Male Victimization

Program Theme: ​Empathy and Empowerment & Redefining Resilience

In this transformative workshop, participants will delve into the nuances of male victimization and trauma bonds, cultivating a deeper understanding and empathy for this underrepresented population. Dr. Vanessa Guyton will guide attendees through defining the experiences of male victims, exploring the far-reaching effects of trauma, and adopting a more compassionate and informed perspective using Rashan Legard's male survivor experience in the military. 


Rashan Legard MSW, CA, founder and CEO of Rashan Legard Speaks LLC, will be sharing his powerful, male survivor experience of overcoming emasculation and navigating through the challenges of retaliation and reprisal after bravely reporting his experiences during his tenure of service.


Dr. Vanessa Guyton, founder, and CEO of Consulting Experts &  Associates, raises awareness about this pressing concern and encourages survivors, advocates, and allies to break the silence. 


Prepare for a paradigm shift as this workshop challenges preconceptions, dispels shame, and replaces negativity with resilience.

Learning Outcomes & Objectives:

  • Increased Awareness: After attending the workshop, participants will have a heightened awareness of the prevalence of male survivorship and the unique challenges male victims face. They will be equipped with the knowledge to recognize signs of male victimization in their communities and organizations.

  • Enhanced Empathy and Understanding: Participants will develop a more profound empathy and understanding for male survivors. They will be better equipped to provide support and create a safe, non-judgmental space for survivors to share their experiences. 

  • Positive Paradigm Shift: One of the primary outcomes is a paradigm shift in participants' attitudes and beliefs. They will be more inclined to challenge societal norms and biases related to male victimization, replacing negativity and silence with resilience and open dialogue.

  • Advocacy Drive: Participants will be motivated and equipped to advocate for male victimization, driving tangible societal changes through policy initiatives, support services, and awareness campaigns.


Trigger Warning: This workshop may evoke strong emotions and trigger traumatic memories for some participants. It is important to create a safe and supportive environment, including providing appropriate resources and access to mental health support if needed.

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