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Our Programs

Rashan Legard Speaks LLC's vision is to plant a side of positive attitudes that will transform into positive behaviors. Upon completing all programs, attendees will be provided a certificate for 1.5 CEU hours.


Organizational Culture vs. Ethical Decision-Making (60 - 90 min) 

In this signature workshop, Rashan Legard shares his chilling experience of surviving sexual, physical, and emotional abuse and trauma from his time in military service. Rashan raised his right hand to protect and serve our nation, only to feel emasculated by toxic and unsupportive leaders. Rashan's story puts listeners on edge in the driver's seat as he paints a verbal picture filled with love, despair, victory, and self-blame. As the story unfolds, attendees will be left with the question, "Did his experience come from a place that lacks ethical decision-making or cultural norms"?  


The Power of Resiliency: (60 - 90 minutes) 

Rashan Legard shares fragments of his emotional childhood to adulthood experiences that shaped him into who he is today. The challenges of being unable to read and write led to behavior issues, which held him several grades behind his peers. Rashan will also unpack unforgettable and hurtful words that impacted him severely as he graduated at the bottom of his high school class. Rashan coupled everything that was said to him with his unique skill sets as fuel for motivation. An approach that helped him set empowering goals as he navigated life's obstacles. This presentation will empower and encourage attendees to understand that yesterday - is not their today. 


Influencing Culture: Understanding the Benefits of Transformational Leadership (60 - 90 min)

Rashan shares the different cultures and leadership styles that he was a part of in the military and civilian workforce. He critically analyzes how senior and junior leadership can influence the Culture in any organization, from the top down. Rashan discusses and interprets the differences between a Transactional vs Transformational Leadership style. In this workshop, leaders at all levels will develop additional tools to help them correctly evaluate and effectively critique subordinates based on their personalities.


Finding Power Through Poetry (60-90 mins)

Rashan opens up about what led him into the world of poetry and how he transformed his trauma into words of art. In this discussion, he shares why he believes poetry is a powerful healing tool for those who use it for self-expression and those exposed to it through listening. He also unpacks the intricacies of poetry and what he feels makes it an essential option in the world of mental health services. In addition, attendees will leave this workshop with the knowledge, self-confidence, and power to use poetry as an artistic medium for capturing life's events.


Embracing Vulnerability: A Key Component of Leadership (60-90 mins)

Rashan highlights the value in identifying our weaknesses and how that recognition can be leveraged to strengthen our leadership toolkits. During this training session, he'll unpack vulnerability attributes and how they can be effectively addressed with self-love. Rashan will also outline some of the benefits of co-existing with our vulnerabilities. Attendees will walk away understanding there is love behind every weakness and being vulnerable is an essential component of growth.

Specialty Program

Spoken Words of Pain

Spoken Word of Pain was created to
bring awareness to Sexual Harassment/Assault and Equal
Opportunity issues in our organizations today. This Spoken Word is a walk through Rashan Legard’s Enlisted Experience after reporting to his leadership and faced reprisal. Rashan Legard also addresses issues with Diversity and Inclusion advocating for women’s leadership and LGBTQ+

Because of You

Because of You highlights how Social Media Depression is viewed and how it impacts mental health. Social Media Depression has been linked with Mental Health for many years and it’s becoming more common. The Spoken Word will guide the audience to view likes, shares, comments, and interactions can do more harm than good.

Putting Prevention into Practice

Putting Prevention into Practice
displays the conversation that
leaders in all organizations can
have with subordinates and
showcases we are humans inside
and out of this uniform. We are
asking leaders on all levels to hear
us out and create a resolution to
mitigate the risk of corrosiveness
in our ranks; Extremism, Racism,
and Discrimination.

Why Do We Advocate

Why Do We Advocate Spoken Word is an appreciation and recognition to all the advocates, allies, and families worldwide. Advocates are vital to the fight against mental health. This poem discusses why we advocate, Our vision, and Our Goals and lets
the world know we are here to stay.

Stress, Anxiety, Depression

S.A.D discuss how society views mental health and having that tough conversation with providers. Rashan Legard’s walks you through his lens on mental health was viewed when he received treatment. He paints a narrative of how Trauma-Informed Care impacted him as he hid his PTSD from his circle. Does Rashan’s viewpoint stems from generational mental health or did society via Social Media impact how mental health is viewed?

Who Am I

Who I am gives the audience a walkthrough on Rashan Legard’s physical assault that almost ended his life by his senior leader. Rashan Legard also shares the racism and discrimination remarks that were said to him during his time as a junior Soldier. Shows you a broad view of how fitting into a culture can
cause sexual violence and how that turns into PTSD.


Specialty Program: The Power of Spoken Words (60-90 mins)

The Power of Spoken Word Program is an unorthodox, unique, and powerful 90 min curriculum that instills a holistic approach to healing with the power of words infused with storytelling. Rashan Legard touches on advocacy, trauma-informed care, and the impact of words. In the lineup, Rashan will emulate narrative, dramatic, and lyrical Spoken Words that will leave the audience in all emotions and spark healthy dialogue in a structured setting.

The Power of Spoken Words Program includes the following pieces:

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