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Specialty Program: The Power of Spoken Words

The Power of Spoken Word Program is an unorthodox, unique, and powerful 90 min curriculum that instills a holistic approach to healing with the power of words infused with storytelling. Rashan Legard touches on advocacy, trauma-informed care, and the impact of words. Throughout the program, Rashan will captivate the audience with a lineup of narrative, dramatic, and lyrical spoken word performances. These powerful pieces will evoke a range of emotions, leaving the audience deeply moved and inspired to engage in healthy dialogue within a structured setting.

Program Theme: 

  1. Advocacy: The program highlights the importance of advocacy and the power of spoken words to raise awareness and effect positive change. Rashan shares his own experiences and encourages participants to use their voices to advocate for themselves and others.

  2. Trauma-Informed Care: Rashan emphasizes the significance of trauma-informed care, exploring how words and storytelling can contribute to healing and support individuals who have experienced trauma. The program creates a safe and supportive environment for participants to engage with their own experiences and emotions.

  3. Impact of Words: Rashan delves into the profound impact that words can have on individuals and communities. He explores the potential for spoken words to inspire, uplift, and foster empathy, as well as the responsibility that comes with using words effectively and ethically.

  4. Spoken Word Performances: Rashan's lineup of narrative, dramatic, and lyrical spoken word performances will showcase the power of words in a deeply engaging and emotive manner. Through these performances, participants will witness the ability of spoken word poetry to evoke emotions, spark reflection, and ignite dialogue.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Increased understanding of the power of words and storytelling as tools for healing and advocacy.

  • Enhanced knowledge of trauma-informed care and its importance in creating safe spaces for individuals who have experienced trauma.

  • Inspiration to use spoken words and personal storytelling as a means of self-expression, healing, and advocacy.

  • Stimulated emotions and reflection through engaging and thought-provoking spoken word performances.

  • Fostering of healthy dialogue and exploration of personal experiences within a structured and supportive setting.

Trigger Warning: This workshop may evoke strong emotions and trigger traumatic memories for some participants. It is important to create a safe and supportive environment, including providing appropriate resources and access to mental health support if needed.


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